Has your house or property ever been hit by traffic?


11 times in 30 years, that’s once every 3 years… Makes me feel a little better about my property being destroyed, usually for me its just a mailbox or a bush.

Haven’t had it happen to me personally, but here’s a beauty salon in NYC that has been crashed into 3 times since 2011:

Unfortunately, in the most recent accident the driver was thrown from the car and died because she was not wearing a seatbelt. And she was a cop.

Tere is an att box installed a few years ago, It seems only a matter of days after they fix it it gets hit again, it seems to take a few months to get fixed, currently covered with black plastic and duct tape.

My brothers neighbor lives on a curve. It’s a fairly rural road. If you don’t see the curve and go straight…you can end up hitting the house (which happened 3 times). Finally his neighbor put up new fence posts made of concrete - spaced 4’ apart. They’ve been hit 4 times by people either drunk or just driving too fast. No one’s been killed yet, but several people have been seriously injured. The alternative is for the car/truck to slam into the house.


The concrete posts are doing their job, let darwin do the rest. Who cares if a drunk/stupid motorist gets killed, if they hit the house they could easily kill the occupants.

He was sued once. But the drunk that slammed into the concrete posts had no case. His car was totaled and he broke a couple of bones. The posts are set back 8’ onto his property. You’re either drunk or driving too fast to hit the posts. You don’t want to see anyone injured or killed…but then again you have to protect your property and family too.

We also live on a steet with a wide curve. Although the speed limit is 30, drivers often go considerably faster. We have 3 trees on the front of our property. One, closest to the road, has been hit 3 times; the last time by a drunk in a K-car. We had to pry him out of the front seat and he was lucky enogh to wear his seat belt. Only broke one leg.

Another tree has been hit twice; the last time as a result of our neighbor’s daughter’s Honda Civic (parked on the street) being rear-ended by a pickup truck and pushed onto our property and into the tree. The car was crumpled front and rear and she had trouble getting her suitcases out of the backseat!. The driver of the truck drove off before we could I.D. him.That tree ended up protecting my other neighbor’s car which was parked in his driveway. The Civic would have T-boned it.

We tell visitors not to park on the outside of the curve, and we never park in our own driveway, as we live on the outside of the curve. There is now a sign to slow down to 20 mph, but it is universally ignored!

Its amazing how many ignorant people there are in this country. We are all Doomed…

My wife and I are living in semi-retirement at our home in the country. We used to have a nice rail fence in our front yard but it was destroyed several times by careless drivers. We finally took the fence down when the county decided to run a new sewer line past our house. The careless drivers then went through our bushes and a couple of small trees. Since the county would not let us put up a new fence (something to do with the new sewer line) I decided on something else. I found out that I could put up steel poles and that’s what I did. I filled them with concrete to make them a little sturdier. It’s been years now since a vehicle has strayed into our yard.

Around the lake where I live, there is a scarcity of build able property and the houses/cottages and roads are just feet away from one another. It is where I live too. There is a lot of anger at people just driving by. Imagine in the spring, if some one drives by too fast, hits a mud puddle and the mud splatters onto your house windows. That’s close. We use the garage and a line of boulders moved in place by an excavator to help "control " the effects of traffic. That and a few well placed potholes for summer traffic tends to slow them down for others.

Years ago when we lived in a neighbor hood, I used as a mail box post, a piece petrified drift wood I found on the coast. When a lady struck it with her car careening out of control, it knock the box off, but never broke and did a lot of damage to her car…that stuff seemed as strong as steel. I felt bad for the lady while we watched the antifreeze run onto the ground. All I had to do while waiting for the wrecker was console her and cut up a new mounting plate and replace the same box back on top. I made no claims on our insurance…obviously. The post was mounted three feet under ground and just moved inches. Amazing stuff.

Years ago there was a guy who lived on the corner and a number of times people would miss the turn and end up on his front yard. He took railroad ties and planted them on end and pointed the ends of them. About six or seven of them looking like a retaining wall and various heights but he never had a problem again. They are still there after almost 50 years and I doubt many really know the history behind them. They just think its the landscapping.

My last house was on a bad street. Coming down the hill was my driveway and the road curved to the left and a lot of cars thought my driveway was the road. It was scary laying in bed only to hear cars coming up my driveway then hitting the brakes. I complained to the town and all they did was put up a sign with a big arrow. A few times the drivers insurance companies paid for the damage. Glad I moved and now live on a dead end.