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Has husband trashed Vibe's electric or is this just a blown fuse?

2009 pontiac vibe

husband tried to install a new bluetooth radio system thing in car.
swears he only touched fuse #7 - install failed, so he put the old radio back in. old radio still works.
HOWEVER, turn signals, heat/ac/fan controls, and passenger airbag light are now dead AND some new dash lights are on (airbag, VSC off, traction and check engine light).

does it seem like this is just a blown fuse (and some DIY code resetting) or does this sound like he fried something and it will require professional assistance?

car talk hive mind, please advise

I would guess he either removed a fuse and didn’t realize it, or somehow blew one. I doubt he killed the whole electrical system.

Once you find the blown/missing fuse and replace it, have him go to Crutchfield and get an adapter harness. You plug in your vehicle make/model/year, and the make/model of the new radio, and they will send you a direct replacement harness that you just plug in to the existing radio harness. It’s much easier than trying to wire it all up yourself.


That would be my guess too. He also could have swapped a 10amp fuse for a smaller one without realizing it. I’d check around in the fusebox before assuming anything worse.

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Did he cut or tap into any wiring while doing this work?

Sounds like too much coincedence, as much as I hate brain resets, it might be worth a try to disconnect the pos from the battery for 20 seconds or so and see if things come back to life. And yes make sure all wiring for the radio matches original conditions.

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no! fortunately!