Civic blows radio fuse

My wife has a 2000 Honda Civic EX. She bought it used and it had a remote starter and aftermarket alarm system, both of which had been removed. She was driving it one day and the radio speakers began to crackle. She whacked the dash and the crackling stopped. Unfortunately, the radio stopped, too. I discovered the fuse was blown, so I replaced it, radio worked fine for a couple of days, then blew a fuse again. Now when I replace the fuse, it blows as soon as I turn the key. P.S., the parking lights were staying on occasionally, even though the light switch was off, which she could also fix by whacking the dash. Could the fact that it had someone cutting into the electrical system to hook up the alarm and remote starter have anything to do with this?

That’s where I’d look first.

When these alarm/starter systems are installed they have to be spliced into the existing wiring system of the vehicle. And that’s fine if done correctly. But when these systems are removed sometimes wires are exposed to potential shorts. And the fact that banging the dash has an effect on this problem means the wiring under the dash needs to be inspected.