Hard to turn the key (2000 Saturn)

I drive a 2000 Saturn sedan and I’m having problems with the ignition that are getting progressively worse. About six months ago, I started having to wiggle the key a little to get it to turn. Now, I have to wiggle the key a LOT and sometimes even press it upwards while wiggling.

Also, about a month ago I accidentally discovered that I can pull the key out while the car is running (and the car keeps right on running). I feel certain that isn’t normal.

Any ideas about what needs to be repaired/replaced, and about how much it should cost?

I had this problem with a 10 year old Camry and later a Cadillac that was even older. If you’ve been using the same key for many years it may be a little worn. If you have one that hasn’t been used so much try switching to the “newer” key.

I also had a car that would keep running if I pulled out the key…I think it was the Cadillac.

You need a new key switch. Price: About $10-$15. You will have to call around locally for the price on replacement.