Won't start Saturn

I purchased a 99 Saturn Wagon from a dealer with 128,000 for $7000.00 8 months ago. I did a few minor repairs ( latch, aircon etc). Now occasionally it won’t start. I call AAA and then I keep trying and it starts before the AAA truck comes. I brought it in for repair to a local shop and they rewired the after-market alarm system ( I don’t want someone to steal this car) and it still happens. They said they would look at it again if I brought it in. Instead I brought it in twice to the Chevrolet ( Saturn dealer )and it started perfectly every time. They told me to bring it in by tow if it doesn’t start. 2 people have told me it might be the key hole mechanism or the alarm system is just shutting the car off completely. All the auxillary lights, radio etc come one but there is no turning over of the engine - it is completely silent. What can I do with this car? Can it be fixed? I tried to give it away twice. I’ve been driving the Honda I bought for my teenager.

Check the key. It may be badly worn after such a long time. A worn key can give you trouble with the ignition lock cyinder. I had similar problems with a 2002 Saturn. I tried to start the car and it would not turn over. After a few tries, I took the key out and it started to make odd noises. I had it towed to the mechanic and they said to replace the battery. They said there was a problem with the alarm system and it drained the battery. They could not find a problem with the ignition system. Eventually the key started “sticking” in the ignition and I had to get a locksmith to replace the lock cylinder. He said that the trouble was caused by a worn key and a badly damaged lock cylinder. Its been working ever since. Its worth a look. Saturns get good milage. But I think old Hondas are WAY better.