Hard to start when colt

I have a 1992 plymouth colt, its has a 1.5 engine.

It takes about 20 minutes too start in the morning, but when started and warmed up it doesnt have any starting problems at all.After driving close too 20,000 miles when driving the engine light comes on and then goes off when the light comes on it feels like the car lost power but it only lasts a few seconds then goes back too normal.

Anyone have any idea?

Error - Topic should say hard too start when cold not colt.

There isn’t a battery/starter combination on this planet that can stand twenty minutes of continuous operation.

Not even a '92 Colt.

You need to give us more information. Please be as detailed as possible.

And do you mean 20,000 miles or 200,000 miles?

When i bought the car with 87,000 miles only issue it had was hard time staring in the morning. It takes about 10-20 minutes to start, but once you get it warmed up it runs fine all day and all night but once you park it overnight and try too start it in the morning the starting issue comes back.

Now after puting close too 15,000 miles on the car with this starting issue when driving the check engine light would come on when coasting (clutch pedel too the floor without pressing the gas peddle) but once you give it gas it would go off. Lastest issue is it stalling out when driving in the city.

Things i replaced.

fuel filter,cap & roter,spark plugs and wire,starter (1 year ago) + new battery.

It was actually a brillant topic title-you should’ve kept quiet haha.


I was going to suggest getting him a filly.

Do you mean it does not turn the engine over properly, or it will not catch - fire, or do you mean it will stop when you let off the throttle?

Does this Colt have a turbocharger? A neighbor had a no start problem that was traced to air leaking past the shaft seal.

nope no turbo all stock, it keeps turning turning then sounds like it wants too start then i keep cranking away for about 10-20 mins untill she starts then hesitates then acts real boged down and after giving the car some gas for 3-5 mins she fully warms up and doesnt have any starting issues for the rest of the day but when driving latey (new issue) she stalls and has too sit for 1-2 mins then starts back up,

Hey dont be bashin colts.