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92 dodge colt 30K miles

My 92 colt took 5-6 cranks to start. After driving short distance, (supermarket), it would start right up. Overnight startups got to be seven. Mechanic replaced fuel pump. starts for him. now it’s just not starting. He says he can’t get Mitsubishi parts and does not trust others. HELP!!

First thing you need is a new mechanic. There are plenty of reputable parts suppliers around. If it can’t start at all (which is what you seem to be saying), it should be easy to diagnose.

not easy to get new mechanic - we’re sorta related. would you trust a fuel pump that was not Mitsubishi. I gave him printout from that showed five makes for 92 colt hatchback – Airtex (2),Beck Arnley, Delphi and Retech.
whatcha think, doctor russell? please and thank you.

Do you have a check engine light on? Do you touch the gas pedal before or during the start cycle? (Don’t do that). Have you tried just turning the key to the on position and wait a few seconds before starting? If that works, then the fuel rail is not holding pressure and that is not the fault of the fuel pump.

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