Cold-start problem


I have a 92 Dodge Colt. When it is being started from cold (e.g., overnight sitting), the engine will crank fine, but will not catch until the key is released from the start position. If I don’t release the key, it will crank and crank forever. When its released, it stumbles to life. Then there’s no problem. This may not seem like a big deal, but the colder it gets outside the worse it is, until in sub-freezing weather it basically has to be cranked/released, cranked/released, over and over, until it catches. This may take several minutes. I don’t think it’s a fuel problem, more like there isn’t any spark in the “start” position. But as I say, once it gets going, then the problem won’t repeat itself until it sits overnight.

Any thoughts?


Your diagnosis is correct: there’s something wrong with the start ignition power circuit. If I were throwing parts, I’d throw an ignition switch at it. Then, I’d get the wiring diagram, my trusty digital voltmeter, and the repair manual, and check through the circuit.