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1997 Isuzu Rodeo ignition control module impossible to find

My daughter’s V-6 Rodeo is dead. Her mechanic thinks the problem is the ignition control module. They’ve been checking all over the place and nobody has the part (AC Delco #E1991A). Is this a problem everywhere? Any ideas about finding this part?

Here you go.

. There are other brands, just as good, or better, to ask for.

We’ve tried the PartsAmerica (Shucks, Kragens, etc.) listings and it looks like they have the part - just like you found. When you continue on to actually order the part, or go into the store to order it, you’ll find that it isn’t available. They have a listing, but they don’t have the part.

I just listed the AC Delco number because I had it available. We’ve tried about a half dozen brands and they’ve all come up empty when it gets to actually checking to see if the part is in stock.

Sometimes one runs into items that cannot be procured in the aftermarket. If this is not available it’s probably due to a low production number vehicle and an even lower number of modules needed as replacements. It’s simply not cost effective for the aftermarket to produce and distribute them.

This may turn out to be a dealer only item then. The only other options would be salvage yard or possibly getting lucky with eBay or Craigslist.

Beginning in 1994 through 1997, Isuzu manufactured the Honda Passport. The Rodeo and the Passport should be the same vehicle with a different body style. You might try a Honda store and see if the Parts Dept. can set you up.

Since you can’t find the ignition module, I would want your mechanic to have done the proper checks, and be SURE that the ignition module is faulty. That would be more than a, “strong feeling”.

Bring the problem here, and we will cuss and discuss it with you, ok? Many heads are better than one.

The daughter found a salvage engine and they sold her the control module out of it. I’m waiting to see if this is going to get it going. She said if it’s running, she’s selling it before another problem.

We tried the Honda dealer and found the same situation - part listed but not available. Yes, the Rodeo and Passport are basicly identical.

Thanks to all of you that offered ideas to help get this going. The ignition control module from the salvage engine did the trick - it is running again! The price for the module was well below the new prices that we found, so that’s an added benefit. I think she’ll clean it up and try to get it sold soon.

i have an 89 trooper and i cant find the ignition module…

where did you all find it when you replaced it?


i just bought one at advance auto parts for 99$