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New engine for an Isuzu Rodeo

I need to replace the engine in my son’s 96 Isuzu Rodeo as cheaply as possible. Does it have to be replaced with the same make and model? And, any suggestions on a reliable place to get one if my local junk yards don’t have one?

Your local used parts place should be hooked up to a database and be a part of a wide network of used parts places…sort of like realtors are a part of REMAX. They’re your best bet for a used motor. They can also tell you what years of that vehicle the engine’s will be readily interchangable…they have books (or databases) with this cross-reference information.

Having said that, since Rodeos were not as ubiquitous as, say, Corollas, you may have a hard time finding a used motor. And used motors come with risks. A rebuilt motor is an option (you can find one easily on the internet) but would probably cost much more than the car is worth.

It may be time to give up the ghost on this one.

Unless the thing is in stellar shape and/or a built-up offroad machine, you’re probably better off junking it. These are pretty cheap used these days.