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Hard To Find Brake Hose

1987 thru 1992 Cadillac Allante’s and perhaps '89-'90 Chrysler New Yorkers used a Bosch ABS system. The motor-driven pump was connected to the control unit by two rubber brake lines. The high-pressure line has unique fittings swedged on the ends of the hose. Can any of you guys access GM, Chrysler or Bosch part numbers for these hoses? Or even better, a source for them? Finding a replacement high-pressure hose is proving difficult…

The local CarQuest store makes replacement hydraulic hoses. You just bring in the old one and they reproduce it for you. Check in your area for a store that provides this service.


The local NAPA and O’Reillys stores here make up hydraulic hoses too.

Hydraulic hoses are one thing, P.S. hoses, snow plow hoses, oil coolers, stuff like that…But brake lines are made from different material and use unique fittings…But it’s worth a try! I’ll give the local parts stores a call and see if they can make up rubber flex-lines…I’ll let you know how I make out…Thanks…