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Happy Valentine's Day, You Lovelorn Saps!

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we want to know: what are your all-time favorite driving and dating stories?

Here at Car Talk Plaza, we’re big fans of everlasting love–heck, Tommy’s tried it six times!

We’ve heard some amazing stories from our fans over the years of how cars and traffic have inspired true love. We’ve also heard more than a few pretty cheesy pick-up lines. (“Bond, James Bond!”, “Did YOU invite all these people?”)

Now it’s your turn. We want to hear your tales of success, heartbreak, joy and woe.

2 hearts in the snow

Did someone leave tire treads on your heart? Tell us everything. (Mind you: this is a family site.)

So we all get to have red roses, pink-bottomed cherubs, and paper doilies crammed down our throats-- in the name of everlasting love. Let’s at least have a little fun with it, eh?

Yours in hoping Cupid has better aim than whoever last used the restroom at the garage,

Tom and Ray

Hmm, no one’s posting here yet ( 11:23a mst 2/14 ), is no one out there in car country in love with anyone other than your vehicles ?

As for me, well we’ve been married 37 years so valentines is kinda just another day. Out to dinner, steak and lobster, and the ( second round of ) kids have stuff at school.

Car wise ;
My best dating vehicle was my 68 Dodge van, the one with the engine 'tween the front seats.
PERFECT for the girl friend ( still my wife ) to sit next to me slightly higher than me.
youall will gripe about ‘‘safety’’ and all that crap but , hey, it worked ;). Even had a steering wheel spin knob to be able to keep one arm around her.

When I was in the 5th grade…I watched the love of my life hand out store bought Valentines to everyone but me. She handed me a homemade Valentine. My 11 year old brain saw this as a sign that she didn’t like me very much and had singled me out by giving me a less than perfect card.

I felt bad all day until I got home and showed the card to my sisters. They immediately saw this as a sign that Sandy liked me very much. They finally convinced me that a homemade Valentine was far better than a card that came from the store.

The next day…I thanked Sandy for the card and she hugged me. Our romance lasted until May but it’s always been a special romance because it was my first one. I still thank my sisters to this day for pulling my heart out of the depths of despair and teaching me a little lesson about life.

Best dating vehicle in college was a 1948 Chevy. It had a powerful heater and small windows, which would nicely fog up. My favorite place to park was on the shore of Lake Ontario and watch the “submarine races”.

There were a number of rich kids in my class and they would trade their drafty MGs and TR2s and borrow my warm Chevy for a date.

One of the girls I dated, an English lady who was not used to good in-car heaters, called it “the heater with the car attached”.

Hmmm. After college we were separated while I was in Army basic training. While I was being trained for teletype repair it was during Valentines Day. The particular machine I was training on that week had the ticker tape type device on it so I figured out what letters to type to punch out the holes in the ticker tape to read “Happy Valentines Day”. I picked out something nice from the PX to go with it and sent it back to South Dakota. It used to be kind of a big deal but after 40 some years its starting to slow down.

Best dating car was a 62 Rambler I had through college. It was very popular as I have mentioned before , for obvious reasons and I seldom saw it on weekends. I had a steady girl friend but my two older brothers thought they needed it more then I. So, I got one’s Triumph when one wanted it and the other’s Corvair Monza Convertible. Now why would two brothers fight over my frumpy Rambler ? When I checked the mileage after each had used it, seldom did it go very far while I would drive all over town in theirs. The driving experience was never what impressed them about my car.

Gotta love grumpy cat

photo 487723_409312789162300_1253460848_n.png

My first car was a rusty early 1970s Cadillac DeVille. Plenty of room inside for anything you can imagine, but not the most reliable car due to its age and condition.

I remember just starting to date someone and seeing her outside when I drove by her work. I waved and tapped my horn… which proceeded to get stuck. I remember her staring after me with a peculiar look on her face as I went down the road, which was a two-lane highway that offered no place to stop… WAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Embarrassing! I stopped as soon as I could, pulled the fuse from the fuse box (which was actually a circuit breaker and hot enough to burn my fingers at this point), and threw it as far as I could…

When I was 17, I went on a triple date. A friend and his girlfriend set another guy and me up with two of their friends. I drove, and there was no problem fitting two couples in the back and my date up front with me in Mom’s 1964 Model 62 Cadillac. The girls were two years younger, and it must have been their first dates. My friend’s blind date sat so far forward that it appeared she was trying to sit up front. My date was on the passenger door arm rest, as if she was making room for her friend between us. They were really nice girls, though and we had a good time. Us guys did share a few laughs about the car ride, though.