Happy Halloween PSA

PSA to remind everyone to look out for trick-or-treaters this evening. I don’t plan to drive anywhere, but if I did, I’d go below the speed limit wherever houses are located, even on state roads with houses. This is also an opportunity to share the greeting in my daughter’s foyer. I saw ths when we arrived last Thursday morning.


Thanks for reminder JTS, will get off the roads earlier than normal tonight.

Saw only one kid out with their mother last evening, no one else out trick or treating.
There were Halloween activities Fri, Sat, and Sun, me thinks parents had enough by Mon and the kids were happy.

We had around 50 or 60 children come to the door. Not bad considering there was a light rain.

Fairly steady rain here, and as for the past 5 or 6 years not a single little ghoul came to the door. Oh well more Reese’s for me :smiley:

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