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Trick or treat

The church had a trunk trick or treat, ie everyone parks with treats in the trunk, a public school cancelled Halloween festivities, normally we go though bags of candy, trick or treat started at 4 today, maybe 10 kids, Lots of candy for us I guess. One car following the kids, is it really that bad to go trick or treating these days?
So the church celebrates halloween and the public school did not. public school had The birth of Jesus play, and the parochial school had frosty the snowman, Getting too old to try and figure it all out.

At this point, it looks like there won’t be many Trick or Treaters this year…dammit.
I bought a lot of candy, and I am left with most of it.

Hershey wins, and I lose…

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As it gets later in the evening, the teenagers begin to arrive, and some of them have really innovative costumes.
One young guy was dressed as Jeb Bush, complete with a sign around his neck stating “JEB!”.
He and his friends roared with laughter when I called him “a loser”, and then I said, “If you don’t believe me, just ask the man with the orange face”.
That got an even bigger laugh.

I gave “Jeb!” two pieces of candy because he knew that Jeb spent over $5,000 for each vote that he got in some states.
That was too bad, because I think that Jeb is a basically decent person.

We’re too rural to get many kids. Even when it’s in the 70’s we’re lucky to get 10. When it’s 40 like tonight…so far just ONE…Our closest neighbor (about 1/8th mile away).

I can’t afford Halloween any more since I retired so,I leave my porch light off. I used to give each *trick or treater" a pack of cigarettes, but at almost $5 a pack, I can’t afford to do that anymore. When Billy Beer was being sold for 99¢ a six pack, I would give each kid who came to the door a pack of cigarettes and a can of beer to give them a head start at being an adult. We were the most popular house in the neighborhood.

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Yeah things are a little upside down. The schools do a little party but church did something on Sunday instead. When I was a kid though, no one did the T or T because it was outlawed in favor of the schools doing big events. We do just keep out lights off now though but still hasn’t been much traffic tonight. At the library today though, they really out-did themselves with costumes. I said I was scary enough without doing anything special.

Now in 1991, we had 28 inches of snow over a couple days. Left work early but it didn’t help much.

Harvard MA (the town not the college) does a unique celebration. People bring their candy and kids to the center of town. Safer and more fun for the kids.

To bring this car related…Driving through these rural neighborhoods during Halloween can be frightening. Speed limit on some of these streets is 40 or even 50…yet there are young kids (sometimes very young kids) on these streets. I usually drop my speed to 25. To h*ll with the cars behind me who want to do 50. Even at 25 I’ve had close calls.

The town held a trunk or treat in the parking lot of the old school building here. The houses are widespread and not many in number so it makes sense to do that. As it was, it took a lot of walking or stop/go driving to get a comparatively small amount of treats.

They used to have a wing-ding here in town during the last week of October. Main street was closed off, a live band was set up on the sidewalk, BBQ, dancing in the street, motorcycle games,and much beer and liquor.

One guy used to bring down a jug or two of his own special moonshine and passed it around. Amazing stuff. Beats anything in the stores no matter the price.

The biggest party for Halloween is Salem MA. Went there once many years ago on Halloween. Tens of thousands of people.

I’ve been to Salem. I’m not sure though I’d want to go there on Halloween. Just a feeling I got.

I live in a neighborhood of 1/3 acre lots with apartments nearby. We got about 55 kids and gave out bags of pretzels. Left over pretzels are better for my waistline and seem to be a hit with the kids.

I have so much left-over Halloween candy that I am going to give it to a friend who is a nurse. The pediatric ward at the hospital will dole it out–very judiciously–to the juvenile patients who are allowed to have candy, and who couldn’t go Trick or Treating because of their hospitalization.

And, just to keep things on an automotive footing, the vehicle of choice for in my area for driving kids during their Halloween door-to-door activities seems to be the YUGE Infiniti SUV that reminds me of a locomotive. Yes, kids are driven from block to block nowadays, and Mom waits in the idling SUV while the kids do their thing.

I have friends who live in neighborhoods where trick-or-treating is a big thing that brings everyone out on their front porches like a block party, but I haven’t had any trick-or-treaters come to my door in any of my last four apartments. Your perceptions will vary based on your surroundings.

Better than the Mainway bag o’ glass and bottomless cup of coffee…

I live in a destination neighborhood for trick or treating. Kids come from all around. One local business rides families over on a huge hay wagon towed by a big farm tractor. I usually have to get around $60 worth of candy and sometimes get close to running out. This year was strange and I have a few bags left over.

The only reason I went there that one time was because I was working in Salem. It’s nice place to visit during the summer

My wife said we had about 150 trick-or-treaters last night (yes, she counts). Most seemed to come in about a half hour. I thought there weren’t many because of the short time period. I wouldn’t really know for sure because I was banished to the basement and advised not to come up until I was told I could. No, I’m not in trouble. I get to calm the dog when there are a lot of visitors like this. It’s best to take her downstairs and scratch her when she gets too restless. Mrs JT is a preschool teacher and likes to see her former, current, and future students in their regalia.