Stump Our Hosts

This week on Car Talk, we shared some of the Washington Post “Style Invitational” suggestions for questions most likely to stump Tom and Ray. (Two of our favorites? “My son just got his license and wants a V-8 Mustang. I’m afraid he’ll drive too fast, trying to impress girls. Should we have him neutered first?” and “The image from my backup camera is obscured by something that looks like a paw or small hand. Is this a problem with the camera or a problem with the screen?”)

You can check out the others, right here.

In the mean time, we thought you might have a suggestion or two of your own, for off-kilter questions that would give our lousy hosts a bad case of giggles… or asking, “Doesn’t anyone screen these calls?!” We’d love to see what you have in mind. We think.

Share your suggestions right here!

Toraneko (pronounced Tor-ah-neigh-co) my cat, is a lousy driver. I have tried hiding the keys but he keeps getting them back somehow. Should I get him declawed since he keeps tearing up the steering wheel cover? He also never changes the oil since he has no pockets to carry a wallet. Any ideas?

David in Silver Spring, MD

Any ideas?

Have him take driving lessons from Toonces :wink:

Which came first?

My girlfriend and I are wondering: What are the best sex positions to use in a car, specifically a 2000 Camaro?

In a residential neighborhood (25 MPH), or on the highway (70 MPH)?

I’m taking a trip through Yellowstone National Park in my Jeep Wrangler soon. I am worried that the bears might break into the Jeep through the soft top and eat my venison sandwiches. Should I pack roast beef instead? Ham?

No worries, any sandwich would work. Make sure catch the bear alive for dinner.

Don’t feel bad, when I lived with my parents I had a VW bug (painful). My daughter is only allowed to date boys with mopeds.

It doesn’t matter what you do, the Bears will always lose–ususally by at least 2 touchdowns.

My friend bought a V8 Mustang and called about a week later complaining that it wasn’t running right. When I got there, he was fueling it up and I spotted the problem right off. He was using REGULAR V8! What a moron. Everybody knows that engine needs the high test SPICY V8!! Now how do we drain the tank and put in the right stuff?

This is a two-fer. My car recently began a rather annoying habit of dinging the chime and saying my door was a jar. How do I get it to recognize it as a door again?

Surely you mean Dah Bears, not just any old bears.

I’ve been driving with a large hole in my muffler.
I understand your concerns about carbon monoxide poisoning.
Are you sure it’s odorless?
I don’t smell anything.
Do you think to be on the safe side I should give the car to my mother-in-law?
Herb Sontz, a Prince

What is the best way to modify my Dodge Neon to make it a convertible?

Which of the devices that I find on the internet will help me get 40 miles per gallon from my Chevy Tahoe?

I don’t want air bags, ABS, or crumple zones. How can I buy a new car with no modern safety equipment? Is it safe to remove the seatbelts?

I just read Ralph Nader’s “Unsafe at Any Speed.” Should I buy a 1968 Ford Mustang for my 16 year old son?

my son is 8 years old and likes to drive my van.
so far he has run over the fence and tore the back porch off.
any ideas how to better protect my house and fence ?

On the hood.

I would hook him to the dog chain in the yard. put building blocks under wheels. get a boot like the police use. beat his ass so hard he could not set down in drivers seat. lock your f— doors moron. disconnect the battery. send to live with grand pap. give him a years of playboy he will forget about cars. let him watch mr rodgers. you must have good insurance to think this funny.

So, boxwrench, this hits home? ;^)

LOL, I wasn’t too amused when my daughter decided to borrow my car without a license (or any driving skills). Fortunately, she has never heard the stories of what I did to cars/motorcycles before I had a license (I need to keep her away from her grandmother so she doesn’t find out).