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Episode 1906 - A Stump the Chumps is needed!

Tom proposed a squirting coolant leak for the problem of Kim from Charlottesville, VA. He was soooo confident - I really hope there will be a future Stump the Chumps segment - I have to know!

You do realize that was an old rerun .

Not sure if Tom ever did an episode that clears that instance up in a latter show, but if he did not you will most likely never know. Tom, sadly, had passed away many years ago.

I know I am not the only one who misses Tom and the show for that matter. There have been many Stump the Chumps where I wish I was able to catch what the real solution actually was… Was one of the best parts of the show imho.

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Yep. This was just a hope that they did a stump the chumps with this call after it was originally aired and that they play it on the next couple of podcasts.

I’m hoping that maybe the folks that decide the content of the future podcasts will see my post and decide to put the stump the chumps. I figure it can’t hurt to try!

Maybe someone can call Kim if there is no stump the chumps!

Yes, no harm asking. When the show was originally produced, of course not being a live show the calls were recorded ahead of time for editing, and Tom and Ray would usually take more calls than they had time to fit in. So there is new audio content available, and my understanding is that the current producers insert that new content into the podcasts when it makes sense.