Halogen Headlight bulbs

I now know not to touch the Halogen bulbs that i have replace 2 times. But what happens when you do touch them? And what do you wear when replacing these bulbs??

The oil on your skin (your finger print) makes a hot spot on the bulb, and reduces the bulb’s life.

I don’t wear anything special when replacing headlight bulbs, I just make a practice not to touch the glass part.

If I touch the glass by accident, I wipe it with alcohol (the drug store kind, not beer), before installation, and all is well.

When a halogen lamp is touched with bare skin, it leaves skin oil on the lamp. This skin oil on the lamp causes a hot spot on the lamp. This then causes the lamp to fail prematurely.

I wear a latex disposible glove when handling halogen lamps.


To answer the second question, those very thin latex surgical gloves can be worn to avoid getting skin oil on the bulbs.

thanks for the info

thanks for the info

Toilet paper or paper towels work fine too. Not everyone has a supply of rubber gloves. What do you use with alcohol to clean the bulb? Tissue paper or paper towel, of course. A clean washcloth would work.

thanks for the info