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Short Headlight Bulb Life for Honda Element

My son and his wife own a Honda Element that they’ve had for five years. It has the unusual habit of blowing out headlight bulbs. The bulbs last only about four to five months (on both sides). Does anyone have any thoughts on why the bulb life is so short?

Too high system voltage (overcharging) ?

When replacing the bulb, be sure to touch only the metal and not the glass. Oils/sweat from your fingers can cause the bulbs to blow out because these types of bulbs get extremely hot.

If this is not possible, wear nitrile gloves when replacing them.

How long has this been happening? was the car in a front end collision when this symptom started up? I would first check to make sure the light assemblies are correctly and completely fastened to the front grill. Too much vibration can cause this too.

I was thinking the same thing as mleich. If these are halogen bulbs, you have to be careful not to touch the glass with your bare skin. If you accidentally touch the glass, you need to clean the glass with alcohol.

I’ve seen cars that would allow condensation to form inside the headlight assembly, because of a poor seal around the lense then the condensation will drip onto the hot bulb causing it to blow. As others already mentioned touching the bulb will greatly reduce their life. Might also check that the O ring where the bulb fits into the headlight assembly is in good shape keeping all water out.

Thanks all for the advice. I will pass this on to my son. I am certain that he does not wear gloves or pay any particular attention to cleanliness when changing the bulb. The procedure requires a fairly awkward reach-around to access the fitting, also. Since he lives in rainy Oregon, moisture leaking into the assembly might well be the problem.