Low Beam Lights

I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonnata. Purchased it in Oct. ov 2003 and since then I have replaced the low beam bulb on passenger and driver’s side at least twice a year. I drive with the lights on during the day. I’m wondering if there is a short somewhere and what does it involve in repairing. Can someone answer this for me.

A short should cause a blown fuse. I don’t think you have a short. Check the connections between the bulb and the socket. They should be clean and shiny. Also check ground connections for the headlight wiring.

If you touch the glass part of the bulb while you’re installing it you will significantly reduce bulb life. I wipe all headlight bulbs with alcohol (the drug store kind, not beer) before installing.

Running with the lights on may reduce their life, but you shouldn’t have to replace them twice a year. I always have my headlights on, and I haven’t replaced a bulb in several years.

Are you touching the bulbs with your bare skin?

Some halogen bulbs are ruined prematurely by contact with the oils left behind when people touch the glass. That is why most halogen bulbs come with an alcohol wipe to clean the glass with. If you have not already done so, try wearing rubber gloves the next time you install the bulbs and be careful not to touch the glass with your skin.

No, I know better to touch the bulbs. Always have a mechanic install the bulbs, to complicated for me to do. Thanks for the reply.

If the lamp is getting vibration or moisture, that can cause the problem.