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Hairline crack in frame repair costs

1995 Dodge Dakota
I was just informed by local mechanic shop that I have a hairline crack that “looked like” it had been previously welded and grinded. The crack needs to be fixed again. This was all a surprise to me.

Does anybody have an idea of cost for this situation? I know all situations will be different and I don’t know the full damage to the area that is cracked.

How much rust? You can’t weld rust.

Welding a plate over the crack is the usual repair. I want $300 for it if I actually welded or did any work these days.

Even a wild guess can’t be made without actually seeing the problem in person. Seriously, a full inspection is called for here because there other places possibly ready to let go.

Can you post a photo of the crack and its location?
Here’s a guy welding in a difficult situation, for example.

He’s got his one rear tire blocked…what can go wrong?

I think we had this photo some time ago, and I pointed out that it was a perfect match for building styles of Mexico.

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No rust on the frame

I don’t see the crack myself. I was not under the vehicle during the time it was being looked at. I tried to find it… But I didn’t see it.