Cracked Frame

I have a 1995 Toyota 4X4 pickup with 140,000 miles. It was recently diagnosed with a cracked frame and in need of two lower control arms. My question: can the frame be welded to repair it, and how safe will it be?

1995, it is a little unclear of the vehicles history except 4x4(offroad) and year. If a vehicle can be cut in half and have another half welded to it, your toyota frame can certainly be repaired. I would consider whether the crack resulted from rust and a salt environment or an offroad activity. If it is cracked from rust, it is less likely to be able to be repaired with a long term safe fix. Be sure that a reputable auto body specialist performs an inspection and recommendation. It is hard to say without evaluation of all factors.

Before doing anything check with a toyota dealership…I heard that there was a recall of pickups for frame corrosion and toyota is repurchasing the vehicles…

Ya,check with Toyota on their re-call first. I wouldn’t try to repair a vehicle with a cracked frame,
as you don’t know how much the rest of the frame has been stressed.