Guys i need help... my 944 porsche

I have a problem where the side mirrors won’t stay still any suggestions ? I really dont know how to fix them, so that they would stay still and not flop around while i driving the car…

This video might help…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…0.14.1313…0j0i131i67k1j0i67k1.0.8CFSGUIFc7k

I doubt that the problem is anywhere in the mirror, because You say it involves both mirrors.

I would think that it is in the switch in the door panel.


If they’re flopping around it sounds like they’re both broken to me.

I’d say the $olution is to vi$it a Por$he dealer and order new mirror$. Por$che is good about $upporting their older product$ $o I’d expect the mirror$ to $till be available.

You may not like that $olution, so searching EBay and Porsche specialty sites may provide a less expensive answer.


Don’t people buy Por$ches because they want to spend money?

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Not 944, nor 924 buyers. Those are cheap (relatively) Por$ches

@Carl_Cang - you should post this on a 944 forum. I’m sure they have some sources.