Guttural Noise when Accelerating - Camry

I have a 2014 Camry SE that I’m the first time owner of. I’ve only had it about 5 months and it has 5000 miles on it.

Recently, I have noticed that whenever I press the gas pedal, there is a guttural/guzzling sound. It sounds like it is coming from the right side of the car, but that could just be my feeling. It started lighter, but I think it has gotten worse over the last two weeks. The noise will be louder when I accelerate, but it will still stay the entire time the gas pedal is being pushed.

I did just get the 5000 mile oil check and Toyota said they couldn’t find any problems. I don’t think the noise is normal though, as I don’t hear any other making it, especially not new ones…

Any ideas of what it could be?
Thanks in advance!

Go back to the dealer and ask if you can drive a new Camry and listen to it. Make sure it has the same engine as yours. If the sound is not there, then take the service manager for a ride in yours and let them hear yours. Don’t let them get away with not fixing it.

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What is the tachometer doing when you hear this noise?
Is it shooting up to a very high level of RPMs, or it is in the normal range for that particular road speed?

Your door could be filled with water; stranger things have happened. When you accelerate the water gurgles.

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The tachometer is showing normal range for the speed. It only happens when I’m pushing the gas pedal, so when accelerating and when cruising with my foot on the gas (no matter how lightly).

It isn’t so much of a gurgling sound as if there would be water there. More like a guttural or guzzling sound.

This will absolutely have to be diagnosed by a mechanic riding in the car as it happens, and it might still be tough. Too weird.

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To me she is describing induction noise. Perhaps someone forgot to install an air filter in her air box? LOL

Or maybe something is vibrating to the tune of the engine.

This will be impossible to diagnose via the net


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Induction system was the first thing that came to my mind too. As if the induction system resonator (for the OP’s reference, it’s technically called the Helmholtz resonator) were loose.

Test drive a Camry of the same configuration. If the sound can be heard in the new one too, consider it normal. Post back and I’ll suggest a way that you might be able to muffle it some. If the test car dose not make a similar noise under the same conditions, follow knifenmore’s advice and take the shop chief for a ride.

If you still get no satisfaction, follow the protocol that came with your owners’ manual for moving the complaint up the line. Document everything in detail.

My husband said he thinks your air filter box isn’t put back together correctly. He sees it all the time at his dealership.

I would hope after 3 years they have solved their problem.

I have a 2010 Camry and my car has started doing the same noise that yours is except mine shuts off randomly when coming to a stop. But not all the time does it make the sound but when it does that when I notice it shuts off more. I cleaned out the idle control valve and seems like it did better but still it shuts off, but less often now. I don’t get a check engine light or any signs before it shuts off. Only that noise that it makes so I’m thinking it might have something to do with the throttle or idle valve. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate it

Is the air filter on the right side of the engine? If so inspect the air intake for a poor connection or a loose mounting. There is an intake resonator in the system to muffle the roar(?) of wide open acceleration and smooth the air flow to improve performance.There are several designs used in various locations. It is basically a ball or box giving the passing air a diversion into an expansion chamber.

As your facing the engine yes the filter box is on the right side. But as I’m driving the sound comes from middle of the engine. Almost sounds like if the radiator fan blade is running. But I’ve already checked both fans and no signs and the fans and shroud are intact. I’ve inspected the filter box and vacuum lines everything seems normal no cracks or stiffness not too soft

Just for future reference on automobiles right and left are as you sit in the drivers seat looking ahead. But it doesn’t sound like your resonator is the problem.

Ask your shop to check for an exhaust leak. A leak prior to or near the pre-cat O2 sensor could confuse the computer’s rich/lean calculations and explain the stall as well.

hello, did you ever find out what this was? mine is doing the same noise and engine shuts off.

No I have not, i just took it a mechanic a day ago cus it started to shut off more often so I’m just waiting for his diagnosis

i took mine last week and the mechanic said he couldn’t identify the problem. let me know if your mechanic finds anything. thanks!

I sure will!! As of now he cannot identify the noise so he’s going to call up another mechanic to help him but I will keep you inform

sounds good! my mechanic had told me that the noise was normal because of the chains in the motor. he just couldn’t identify what was causing the car to stall. I don’t know if the noise and the stalling are related. did the noise start at the same time as the stalling? mine was making the noise way before the stalling occurred.