Growling noise from front end when applying brakes

When we apply the brakes, we are hearing a growling noise from the front end

Could there by a lion, or a angry dog, under the hood?

Before you say, “no,” have you looked?

Chrysler built many different models over quite a few years. They are not all the same. You didn’t tell us the year or model of your Chrysler. It just might make a difference.

When was the last time anyone looked at the brakes?

If the noise occurs while braking, you should have the brakes checked. Perhaps it’s time for new brakes.

Or you need to remove the growling animal.

I vote for brakes.

Ummm, well, you need new brakes. They are apparently worn down to the point where there is no brake pad material left on the front brakes. The grinding you hear is exactly that, grinding of metal on metal. Get them fixed. It’s your life that we’re talking about.

In Wyoming probably a mountain lion. Seriously, have those brakes checked.

Thanks - I’ll get my husband on it. It’s not a grinding and sometimes it happens when making a turn. Could it be a bearing?

Haven’t seen a mtn. lion for a couple of yrs. maybe he is under the front end! Will have brakes checked.