Grinding Noise When Starting Car

Does anyone know what a grinding noise when starting my car (only when it’s been sitting for a while) would mean? The car also makes the sound as soon as I start driving (sporadically) but soon diminishes as the car warms up.

Bad pulley bearings? What year/mileage is the rogue? Can you be more descriptive in the sound? Get out and get a better idea where it is coming from

The Rogue is a 2009. The sound seems to be coming from the engine area. I have around 28000 miles. I’ve attached a m4a file with the sound. I’ll try to be a little more specific as to when it happens. There seems to be two or three pulses of these sounds when I start the car and then it goes away. I put the car in reverse and back up and it does not make the sounds. As soon as I put the car in drive and start to drive away it makes the noise again but soon disappears.

The noise means that you should take the vehicle to the Nissan dealership for free repair under the terms of the various warranties that should still be in effect on a 1 year old vehicle with only 28k miles on the odometer.

Do not even attempt to provide the dealership with a diagnosis, as they will undoubtedly reject your diagnosis. Just provide as much information as possible, including playing a recording of the noise for them, and describing the conditions under which you hear the noise. If you can have the car parked in their lot overnight, and if you can demonstrate the noise in the morning for a mechanic, that will help them to diagnose the problem properly.

The initial sound sounded like a loose heat shield to me. I would look at the components of the exhaust system first. Warranty repair time!