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Grinding noise after start up

Since a couple days ago I hear a slight crackle when starting up the car coming from the engine i think and then there is a grinding/scraping noise when I reverse out slowly or move forward. I can feel some vibrations under my feet. The grinding noise only occurs initially when driving out of my driveway etc. and then always disappears once I start moving faster. This all comes and goes. Sometimes I’ll hear nothing and later in the day when I drive again the sound will come back. Already took it to a shop and but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary, but this time I was able to capture it on video at least.

When in D I hear the sound, and in park it goes away as you’ll see below. The same noise also came on when I aired out, and stayed that way until I aired back up. Never had any issues before regarding this sound. Nothing new installed recently either.
Video for reference:

Sounds a lot like my old Corolla before I replaced a front wheel bearing. Does it change pitch when you sway left or right? This is a video I posted a while back with a bad wheel bearing.

That does sound similar to my issue. I don’t recall any sound differences when turning left or right nor did the sound stay on when actually driving faster than 5 mph. Someone else on a different forum suggested it may be due to something driven by the serpentine belt like the water pump.

I will certainly consider your suggestion though. Just trying to get as many guesses on where to start looking properly.