Grinding noise in front end of 96 monte carlo

grinding noise in front end, replaced caliper, bearing, brakes and cv joint

Under what conditions does this sound occur? Idling? On the road with the transmission engaged? On the road coasting? Only during braking? Explain.

under normal driving conditions. the faster I go the louder the noise, there is also a pull to the left. when I replaced all the parts ,the inside pad was wore done to the squealer. I was told either the caliper was bad or a clogged brake line. I replaced both

Did you lube the caliper pins and check that the caliper slid on them freely?

I’d jack it back up and recheck my work. Be sure that the backing plate (dust shield) is not rubbing somewhere. Pull the tire, snug the lug nuts down without the tire on the car and spin the rotor by hand. It probably won’t turn real easy, but you shouldn’t need more than the lug wrench and a light pressure to spin it. If you hear any grinding investigate and pinpoint where the noise is coming from.


In my experience the process Yosemite described is the fastest and best way to find a sound such as you describe.

And when you changed the caliper and pads, did you readjust the wear indicators?