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Front Driver side Brake grinding

Hey everyone,

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport and after a brake job I noticed that while under braking at slow speed there would be a grinding sound on the front left. I replaced the brakes and wheel bearings the first time. After a while I ended up replacing the caliper itself but it still grinds. I don’t notice any wheel shaking, pulling and it hasn’t locked up although once I did notice a some smoke under hard braking but only once. I also don’t hear any grinding while not braking. Thoughts?

How do you know it’s the left front ?
Sound radiates through the frame and body.
Did you have it up on a hoist running in 4x4 ?
I swore my 08 Expedition brake noise was the front…brought it in the shop…they found the REAR left to be badly worn.

Did I say right front. I actually meant the left front. I can hear/feel the grinding while driving. It’s a 2wd vehicle. I’ll have to check the rear but I’m confident it’s from the front.

You said it right . I typed it wrong . I stand corrected. :frowning:

Did you replace the rotors, if not,what do they look like?

Rotors were replaced when the brake job took place.