Grinding noise from front of car when turning

I have a 2000 Plymouth Breeze 2.4L.

When I make sharp turns in either direction, I get a grinding noise.

Any help would be appreciated.

The power steering fluid may be low. Check the fluid level. If your car has the 2.4L engine there is a recall for the high pressure power steering hose.

My first suspect would be the CV joints.
Whether the problem relates to the inner CV joints or the outer CV joints (or both), I think that CV joints are the source of the problem.

More than likely, your mechanic will find torn CV joint boots, which allowed the lubricant to escape, and gritty contaminants to get in, thus destroying the CV joints.

Bad CV-joints usually make a knocking/clacking noise while turning. Bad wheel bearings usually make a grinding noise when turning.


Thank you very much for the help.

Wheel Bearing. Easy too check too, goto a place that offers free alignment checks.