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Grinding feeling gas pedal

Background: I was thinking of buying a used 2005 Nissan Murano, SL, AWD, 35000 miles. Was leased by first owner, do not know if by rental company or what. Then bought by current owner 1 year ago from Carmax. Now selling " because he wants to downsize".

Problem: I took the car out for a short test drive. While I would be coasting along at around 35-40mph on the local roads, I would occasionally feel a rough, grinding like feeling from the gas pedal. It would last a few seconds, go away, come back again after a few seconds go away, come back again. No loss in power, nothing in the brakes or steering wheel. Cannot be reproduced by pushing down on the gas pedal or lifting off the gas pedal. The owner said it might have something to do with VDC, but turning VDC on or off did not make a difference. No difference in turns. Brakes were recently resurfaced by owner.

Those vehicles have a CVT transmission. It may be normal for it to do that particular thing. They are very different than automatic’s.