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Unknown engine died

I have a 2007 Nissan Murano. I was driving it yesterday and the vehicle started to run rough and there was an crunching noise when I pressed on the brakes. There was also like a metal sound like a helicopter while moving. My wife drives it to work that night and all she noticed was the metallic noise. She said it sounded like a playing card in a wheel. She drives home this morning and she hears a loud noise and the cars dies.

I had checked all fluid before she left and today. Nothing abnormal. No metal shavings in either oil or transmission fluid, coolant looked fine, all other fluid were full and normal. Nothing is visibly hanging or broken. The vehicle starts rights up and I am able to put in to drive and reverse with no issue.

I though of many things but nothing that fits this. Wheel bearing, the transmission, and the catalytic converter.

Any thoughts would be appreciative

Did you inspect the brakes?


I did inspect the brakes and that sound hasn’t returned. That is why I first thought of wheel bearing or a rock got in between the pad and rotor.

I can move the vehicle and press on the brakes and there isn’t any noise like that. The crunching noise could just had been a weird coincidence.

@Tester Maybe a bad power brake booster? I just had the brake hoses done.

Start the engine for five seconds and shut it off.

Pump the brake pedal.

The pedal should become harder as the vacuum is dumped from the brake booster.


@Tester Well it was a thought and worth trying. The pedal got harder as I pumped the brake pedal.

What has me baffled is that the money light isn’t on. So it was like the MAF sensor or something else. It should had popped on.

The wife just told me while she was driving this morning. That the engine didn’t die but rather the car just suddenly stopped. She shut off the engine and restarted. When she did put in drive and started to move and there was a clunk.

A seizing caliper is probably a prime suspect. Take the vehicule for a spin then let go the gas pedal.Does the vehicule seem to brake by itself?or not rolling very far before it stoped?Is one of the wheel significally hotter than the rest?

Since the engine runs take the vehicle for a drive and see if the transmission is noisy, you may have a failing CVT.

Bad CV joint?

I thought of CVT first because of how notorious Nissan CVT transmissions fail. However based on fluid alone. Which was transparent, clean, and no burnt smell.

I couldn’t take the wheels off to check the brakes as I didn’t have any room or equipment to do so. I could only try to visually check them.

We had both CV joints and control arms replace last fall. Along with new pads and rotors.

I had never heard of vehicle driving then suddenly stop without the engine dying. Usually the engines dies which causes the vehicle to stop abruptly. Then to shut the engine off and restart it to finish driving home.

I am taking it in on Monday. I was trying to figure out if anybody had ideas to look for or seen this before.

Thank you to everybody for the suggestions and ideas.