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Grinding Chevy

My 1976 Chevy Blazer K5, runs and drives excelent. But when I take it up into the mountains 4 wheeling, there is a problem. Any time that one or the other of the front tires goes up on a hill and there is any twist to the frame, I get this constant grinding noise. If I stop and put it in park, it still grinds and wont stop until the front tires on the same plane. What could this be?

Cody Schuster


When you twist the frame, you are shifting the engine a little. when you stop and put it into park, the only things moving external to the engine would be the accessories and their drive belt(s). I would run it up on one car ramp at home to simulate the problem and see if anything is rubbing.

Another possibility is that it is not a grinding but a vibration such as a heat shield on the exhaust contacting some part of the body, or just vibrating on its own. At least at home you can crawl around to try to pinpoint the noise.