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Grinding after tire replacement

I had just had a new tire put on the rear passenger side at tire discounters. The second I left I heard a grinding you could hear a mile away from that wheel. Breaks were replaced within the last 8 months and rotors are fine. Any ideas what it could be. I would have turned back but I had to get back to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

That’s a moot point if the tire falls off!


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Putting your life at risk, the lives of others at risk, and doing permanent damage to your car was more important than being a couple hours late ?


Big mistake not going back immediately. They had no out had you done that. Now you’ve had the car for at least a day to damage it yourself. That’s their excuse, and they’re sticking to it.


They dont have an out i told them im bringing it back and the manager said he heard it once i called them

I asked for suggestions as to how that could happen nothing else

If you’re the expert and know that it’s brake grinding, why come here and ask for help?


Check the tire size written on the sidewall. Does it match the other tires? Do you notice any scrape marks on the new tire. Look on the other side too, not just the side facing out.