Metal on metal grinding sound coming from back right tire

I had my snow tires put on recently and now there is a metal on metal, kind of rotational grinding sound coming from my back right tire, almost like something is off kilter. It is almost constantly there when I am driving, but sometimes I don’t hear it. Also, my brakes make a weird noise when they are applied (kind of a deep, low sound).

I figure something must have gotten screwed up with my back right tire when it was changed. I can’t really feel any kind of vibrations through the wheel or with my brakes while I am driving though.

I only noticed the sound after driving for about ~280 miles on it (I had to drive back to school). The sound may have been there before, but I didn’t notice it because I had music playing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know almost nothing about cars.

Presumably it was some kind of auto shop that put the snow tires on? You really need to just take it back to them, report the symptoms, and have them drive it.

I suppose unless you are now ~280 miles away in which case run it into a local tire shop. Most anyplace should give it a quick courtesy check.

If you’re feeling ambitious, pull out the owner’s manual, and follow the instructions for jacking it up (as if you had a flat). Jack up the rear wheels one at a time and spin. See what you can figure out. Do not miss the part about blocking the front wheels, and do not miss the part about not getting any part of your body under the car while it is only on the jack.

I suspect it is a minor problem and that if you bring it back to whoever put the snow tyres on, it will be quickly corrected. However do not delay. It is possible it is a serious (safety) problem.

Did you have the snow tyres put on the same rims that held the all season tyres?