Great Gift Ideas

Check these marvels of American ingenuity out:

I need the license plate spray. How 'bout you? I toyed with the idea of putting this post in the Distracted Driving category, but few read it. If you find a gadget you’ve wanted for, like, forever, tell your Significant Other! Enjoy!

I’m thinking hello kitty exhaust pipe covers, eyelashes and a water bowl for critters that fits into a cup holder. ps I prefer eccentric to senile! :wink:

Well that face light is likely to get you shot in some locations so I’d avoid that. The photo spray is interesting but for $49? Incidently in Columbus, OH there was an article in the paper a few days ago on how much money was made from red light tickets. Several million. So tell me its a safety device again? Huh? Yeah right. I like the expanding towels though.

I’ll show my daughters the Hello Kitty tips. Maybe they’ll be interested. But if they express interest, they better watch out for a birthday or Christmas present.

I couldn’t get any further than the Hello Kitty exhaust tips.Nausea took over. :slight_smile:

A look at eBay shows a number of sellers for those things and apparently there’s a market for them as a number have been sold.
Dual exhausts and split tips would get kind of pricy…

@Bing, the red light cameras safely protect your town’s bond rating by providing lots of money without raising taxes.

“the red light cameras safely protect your town’s bond rating by providing lots of money without raising taxes.”

@jtsanders…this sounds like a spiel from the Mafiso trying to get you to pay “protection” money. I think that most “red light” cameras are crooked. The companies that run them are for profit and worst of all they are mostly unregulated.

@missileman It is true it is a revenue source. I am having trouble with this outsourcing, tickets and fines used to be paid to the city, but are now outsourced and the company running the program has a 50% collection rate on all tickets. The big push has been to privatize but facts show it is less cost effective.

Not my city. Just visiting. They’re illegal in Minnesota now. Then a guy hit me up in the parking lot for money to get back to Dayton. Guess out of state plates draw them in. Happy to be back home.

@missileman, you couldn’t see my grin as I posted the response. It was more satire than serious.

@jtsanders…I assumed so since I rarely, if ever, disagree with you on any topic. Red light cameras raise my hackles and satire is not my strong suit.