You'll like this one

…if the link works.

My chuckle for the day!

Yeah, that was quite humorous

Perhaps somebody could invent a dollar sign idiot light. If it’s on solid, the repair will be fairly expensive. If it’s flashing, you’re f . . k . d


Love it!

I like that dollar sign idea. That might get someones attention better. Five dollar signs in a row and the engine is toast.

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It works art1966.

I think my daughter needs one of those lights on her cars, having driven waaaay too far with a temp gauge pegged, TWICE.

I passed it along to several of my gearhead friends.

Hah. Or instead of a " dollar sign" idiot light, have a “toast” idiot light…a slice of bread with heat waves coming off it…as in, your engine is now toast.

You could just relabel the oil pressure light…