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Grand cherokee hard start check engine

I have a 99 grand cherokee. It has developed a hard start in damp or cold weather.

the only way to start it is give it a little gas.

when it does start, engine runs very rough, low power, and check engine light flashes, then stays steady.

if i restart, engine runs fine.

check engine code was a misfire.

How long since a tuneup with new spark plugs, plug wires, and other ignition components? Hard starting and a miss in damp weather is a classic sign of bad or worn ignition system parts. A tune up may be all you need.

It sounds like an ignition problem to me. Likely old plug wires. Certainly if those are original 1999 wires, they are past due. I would suggest pulling out the owner’s manual and looking at the maintenance section and make sure everything is up to date. The cheapest way to drive is to do all the recommended maintenance.

my 1999 jeep cherokee had the same problem,the spark plug wires were bad.