My Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo starts hard or hesitates to start if it has been sitting. But after it starts it is fine as long as you don’t let it sit off for more than an hour. How do I fix this problem.


If you really want to get some suggestions you’ll need to start w/ a lot more info. The info posted is sort of like calling your doctor and saying “I feel sort of sick. How do I fix this problem”

How many miles are on the car? What has its maintenance history been like? E.g. have things like plugs, wires, filters, etc. been checked/changed regularly? Does this non-starting problem happen all of the time? Or perhaps only in cold weather? Or hot? How long has it been doing this? Does it do it all of the time? Is the check engine light on?


Year? Mileage? Engine? You have not provided enough information.

Try this: turn the key to “on” and wait five seconds. Then turn the key to “start.”

Does that make any difference?