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95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Doesn't Like The Cold

I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car has a weird starting problem. It wont start when it is much under freezing. At the shop, it wont start in the lot, they push it into the garage to put on the computer diag and it warms the motor up a little and it starts, so they dont get an error. The cranks sensor has been replaced already. Also, recently when I am driving this jeep, it will suddenly start running very rough. Also it will have trouble starting when it has been warmed up then turned off. Both of these problems are usually solved by a short wait and trying to restart the vehicle. Not sure if these things are related.

I assume that the starter is working and cranking the engine ok. If that is so then the ignition system needs to be checked to see if spark is getting to the plugs. The different problems you talked about could very well be related to trouble with the ignition system.

you Are correct that it is ‘cranking’. The plugs & wires have been replaced, along with the distributor & rotor.