Heater fan resistor location 1997 Caravan

My Caravan heater fan runs only on high speed. Am I correct in assuming that this is caused by a burned out heater fan resistor? If I am correct, where is the heater fan resistor located? I understand the 1995 to 1997 Caravan and Voyagers are all alike. I looked behind the glove box and didn’t recognize anything as being the resistor. The fan cover is there but if I took it off, I wouldn’t know what the resistor looks like!.

Block is located at the back of the engine compartment on the passenger side of the vehicle under the wiper module.

@knfenimore I found the block but where is the resistor that I think I should replace?

You replace the whole block.

@PvtPublic is correct. Pull the block. You may be able to tear it apart and replace the resistors if you know the values and current rating.

@knfenimore@PvtPublic, The block appears to be just a connector with wires coming to it. If I pulled it out it would leave a connector on the firewall. I must be looking at the wrong place! I’ll look for something that unplugs and can be be replaced. The picture you sent me does not show wires coming to the front of the block. I am confused!

It does just look like a connector on the firewall. If you pull on it, it will snap out of the firewall. The resistors are on the back. Go to Rockauto.com and look up the part and you will see a picture of it. They are 10 or 12 bucks on there.