Heater motor not responding 2001 Dodge Caravan

The van a 2001 Dodge caravan ran without one of it’s fan speeds for the last couple of years, but had enough other selections for the fan that it really didn’t matter too much. Now the fan has actually quit working completely with no prior warning. The van has just over 200,000 miles on it. Where do I start, and can I check for voltage just before the fan, and how?

Check the fuse, try this for resistor location and replacement if needed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNJd5KDqutA

You should be able to see the bottom of the fan motor under the dash on the passenger side, near the kick panel. After checking the fuse which is always the first step, put the fan on high and tap the bottom of the motor. If it starts up, it means the brushes have worn down to the point that they stick in the holders.

Obtaining new brushes and replacing them is not easy to do in most cars any more, you will need to buy a replacement blower motor.

If the fan doesn’t start up, it could still be the motor, or it could be the fan’s resistor pack which is usually located in or just behind the HVAC control panel. The plug to the fan motor is easily accessible so pull the plug, put the fan switch in high and check each of the pins for 12V to ground, or 12V between the pins. If you have the 12V, its the motor, if not, it could be the resistor pack, the fan switch, the fuse or other wiring.

Your resistor pack was why one speed wasn’t working so it is still bad, but usually the fan will work on the highest setting when the resistor pack goes completely as the highest setting bypasses the resistors. But there is still a straight through wire on most of them so it is possible that it could be the whole problem.

Thanks everyone. Turned out to be something loose in the wiring at the resistor. As soon as I touched the connector it took off.

Remove and reseat the connector completely. The connections may be corroded from heat. Plus give the pins a good look and squirt them down with electronics cleaner if you have it.

“. . . and squirt them down with electronics cleaner if you have it.”
@knfenimore has given you good advice. If you don’t have electronic cleaner handy, go to Radio Shack or some other store and buy some. It is handy for all kinds of things. I had a problem in the sanctuary of the church I attend with the light fixtures. The bulbs are a pain to change as I have to get up on a ladder and remove a glass globe that I am always afraid that I will drop. I was having trouble with the base contact corroding on the fixtures and the light would go out even though the bulb was still good. I solved the problem by squirting in electronic cleaner on the center contact every time I change a bulb and have had no more corrosion problems. Do this with the connector on your car and you probably will have solved the problem for as long as the car lasts.