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Grand Am won't start

I’m so lucky not the be stranded in our 2004 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.2L. It didn’t start but turned over fine inside our garage. My friends suggested replacing the Ignition Control Module. Its $85 at AutoZone, and they can’t test this type. This didn’t do anything. Then I found by leaving the ignition on for 10 minutes it would start again. I drove it to charge up the battery. It started fine, but now the “Security” light remains on, which proves the Passlock system is NOT working properly. Thank God it wasn’t towed, and unnecessary repairs charged! It seems stupid that GM didn’t provide a service letter. Are they are worried about being forced to pay for a fix? Maybe the Passlock system burned out with the ignition in the on position over 10 minutes? Who cares, I just like to help others with a reliability issue.

If the light is on there is a problem witht the system and it probably caused the no-start issue.

Why do you expect GM to provide a service letter? The car is well out of warranty and things fail on a 7 year old vehicle.

Instead of throwing parts at the problem,like the ignition control module, have the problem diagnosed by a qualified tech.