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Grand Am cuts out after starting

2001 Grand Am, 120,000 miles. Struggles to starts, when it does turn over it is only for 1-2 seconds and then cuts out. Even if I get it plenty of gas it still cuts out only it revs and then cuts out. It worked fine on Thursday and sat on the drive until this morning. If it makes a difference, we’ve had lots of rain recently and the remote keyless entry stopped working too.

My first suspect for the cause of the trouble would be a fuel delivery problem possibly due to a clogged fuel filter or faulty fuel pump. I would start the check for the trouble with those things first.

I agree with Cougar, and I’ll just add a couple of things. One is that when you push the “gas” pedal you are not “giving it gas” - the computer determines how much “gas” to give it. The other is that the only way to know anything about fuel supply supply is with an actual pressure gauge.

You also mention something about rain. Its also a good time to make sure that your plugs & wires are in good shape.

I had a similar problem with my 1999 Suburban. It had an after market remote starter that stopped working and then my truck would start then shut off immediately. every once in a while it would start and run.
A mechanic told me that the computer chip for the security system went bad and that I could over ride it by turning the key to the “on” position for 10-15 minutes. He also said that if it didn’t work the first time, keep trying and let it sit a little longer each time. The truck started on the third try and hasn’t had that problem since.
Since you have a GM vehicle, maybe that’s your problem too.