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This company has the backing of another company (Exline) that I totally trust, and also Pulstar plugs, who I am not sure about, but my bro totally uses. I want to know everyone’s opinion. Is this another ICE that will work, or is it just a bunch of hooie?

Interesting, not an obvious scam, but I wouldn’t put any money into it, which the web site is asking on one of the pages, with a claimed share price that doesn’t come from any open market. Warning sign to me is the only technical backer is the maker of unneeded super expensive spark plugs. They need to associate with a more mainstream company.

Nevermind - SCAM - see below.

The Miller “five-stroke” engine has been around since the 1940’s. No one has been able to make it commercially viable in 70 years.

Two-stroke diesels have been used in railroad and marine applications but have not been downsized to automotive applications. The only way to tell if the grail engine is real or not is to test a working model in an actual vehicle for at least 100,000 miles. The animations are cool but they don’t mean a thing. The four spark plugs look excessive to me.


If this company is real, and wants to improve their credibility the first thing they need to do is cut ties with Pulstar, what a joke. Pulstar plugs are right up there with fuel line magnets.

The scam light goes off in my head when I read that site. It’s founder, Louis Camilli, founded a company back in 2004 called “Direct Hits Spark Amplification System” On that product’s site he states:

Based on the principle of Hard Discharge Ignition, Direct Hits deliver 10,000 times more current, and an astounding 250 times the energy transfer efficiency of a conventional automotive ignition circuit - a figure verified by no less than the esteemed Sandia National Laboratories’ High Power Electromagnetics Dept. The end result? Direct Hits deliver over 5,000,000 watts of power in every spark.

That kind of BS only makes the scam light that much brighter for this Grail Engine product. (His endorsements of Pulstar plugs makes the scam warnings that much worse).

If someone wants to prove me wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it.

Update: ******
I can no longer find the pages I read indicating Louis Camilli was a founder So assume that piece of info isn’t true, unless I find those pages again. Lots of info show Camilli as being the founder/president of Pulstar Plugs and all its predecessor company names, and he’s collaborating with Grail Engine.

As others have noted, if Grail Engines wanted any credibility, it should never have gotten into bed with Pulstar.

Uh-oh - a repeat scammer! With that, the credibility of ‘grailengine’ just went to ZERO.

It gets even more amusing. The “Direct Hits Spark Amplification System” quote I mentioned above was from documentation reviewing Louis Camilli’s original “” site. That was his product back in 2004.

Now when I visit “”, it takes me directly to the Pulstar Plugs site.

So Louis Camilli is not only the president of this company, but his old company “Direct Hits Spark Amplification System”, has somehow morphed into Pulstar Plugs!

I’ll give him credit. He does know how to make flashy-looking web sites.

Where do I sign up!

Update: ****
I need to correct my post. A couple of hours ago I swore I found a link saying Louis Camilli was a founder of Now all I see is that he’s president of Enerpulse Corporation, and is only collaborating with Grail Engine Technologies on advanced emerging technological breakthroughs.

If I can find my links that pointed Louis as a GrailEngine founder, I’ll post them (and retract my retraction).

The marriage still seems too close for me but sorry for any misinformation I may have posted.

“Pulstar plugs, who I am not sure about, but my bro totally uses.”

Your brother totally uses them?
As opposed to partially using them?


People usually use the same brand of spark plug in all of their cylinders, even if they are those grossly overpriced hokum plugs called Pulstar, so I just don’t see anything extraordinary about someone “totally” using the same brand of plugs in every cylinder.

Since the “genius” who is the backer of that website is a well-known huckster/charlatan/gyp artist,
I suggest that you save your money.

The first place I usually check to see if a company is trustworthy is on their “contact us” page. With a legitimate company, I expect to find a physical address (not a PO box), a main land line phone number, and usually a fax number. This one fails the test. I wonder if the cell phones for the president and CEO are untraceable prepaid cell phones.

If this company is really an S-corp., like the site says, why aren’t their financial statements available on their web site? Who is on the board of directors, and why aren’t their names listed on their web site?

I have recently attended a seminar on the process of inventing, and it is amazing how many patents are out there that are useless. Yet companies like this use the phrase “patented technology” as if it means does what they say it will do.

If all a web site can offer are neat animations, run away. At a minimum you want technical information from several tested prototypes, not claims. These folks are fishing for cash, don’t bite!

The world has changed. These people may not be just fishing for your cash…they may be fishing for your credit card account number and other personal information.

One needs to be far more careful todsy. Some of the scams are far more destructive.

They’re tied up with Pulstar plugs and based on the history of that scam why would anyone trust anything that comes from them.
Based on a quick read of the head guy’s comments about what happens in the cylinders I don’t think I’d trust him.

The whole purpose of things like Pulstar plugs or whatever is to keep generating hype, which in turn draws in that venture capital investment. Someone has to foot the salaries and expense accounts of those in charge.

I also note that Enerpulse (Pulstar) has a complaint history with the NM BBB to which they never responded. Taking any guesses about what any complaints are about and why they ain’t talkin’.

Mazda had a V6 Miller cycle engine. Google Miller cycle engine or Miller 5 stroke engine for more. I agree that too expensive is not commercially viable.