Grabbing Aztec

while driving an Aztec yesterday two things happened. 1st, upon pulling away from a stop there was a distinct grabbing noise and motion coming from, what I suspect, is the rear end. At first I thought it was the rear tires spinning but that proved not to be the case. Then, as we were driving slowly through a neighborhood we began hearng a faint, high pitch whiring noise, again, seemingly from the rear end. Any idea as to what the problem may be and how much it will cost to repair?

Many questions before an accurate diagnoses can be made.

How many miles? Is your Aztec an all-wheel-drive model? when was the last time you changed your brakes? Was your parking brake engaged when it was parked? Have you ever had your rear wheel bearings replaced?

mileage 115,000. Yes it is an all wheel drive. Unknown. Bought it sed last year. Parking wasn’t engaged. Don’t know about the wheel bearings either. I’ve never replaced them but, like I said, I bought it used.

What kind of motion was coming from the rear end?

It seemed almost like a transmission slipping but the sensation was harder. Like something in the drive train slipped a couple of gears. It lasted only a second or two and that was the only time it has ever happened.