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03 pontiac aztec

the awd disable message came on, im a service mgr for an aftermarket company and i can’t seem to find out anything on this

Not suprising,nobody likes service managers:)

What sources have you tried? consider a FSM?

Looked for any TSB’s related to your situation and the only one I found was a generic (all GM vehicles to check that all connectors are correctly plugged in)one.

I found TSB’s for manual transmission Aztecs,is this possible?

Probably time to take it to the dealer while they are still around. The factory manual would provide the trouble shooting charts with the proper code but suspect you’d need the Tech 2 to actually determine which of the electronics or sensors is at fault.

thanx, there are tsb’s but nothing usefull, and what connectors, lets pretend this is a unique one of a kind POS that only 12 still exist, oh btw, i got this for free because someone never changed the oil, blew the motor and said just take it i hate it, free car, the only way i would own an aztec. sorry for the rant but any other ideas would be great