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GPS--better with the car or bought separately?

I am about to replace one of my Accords. With the older Accord, I use a Garmin GPS that is attached to the windshield. The device works well.

In my other Accord (which will stay around for awhile), I use the Honda navigator system. I note that this system is quite out of date but, if I do update it, I lose all my programming.

So the question is this: When I get my new Accord, should I have the built-in system from Honda or should I get a newer bigger Garmin (or similar system)?

I find that I can update my Garmin every year or two, program it in my house for the most part, and not lose information during upgrades. Has Honda managed to keep up?

It Sounds To Me Like You’ve Attached More Benefits To The Garmin.

I enjoy the portability of my GPS. I can use it in any of our cars, a rental, or one owned by somebody else. Besides, I hear horror stories of the cost associated with the replacement or repair of an optional built-in unit.

Portables can be a pain setting up…wires in the way, suction cups that don’t work and the problem with theft. But, you can use them for biking and walking and other cars. So the question back at you, “do you feel lucky”, theft wise and do you have the spare change not to have the convenience to move from one car to another ?

Here’s another option, depending on how often you use it - get a GPS-enabled phone. We have an LG on Verizon, great portability, never leave it behind, small map plus turn-by-turn instructions. It’s come in very handy on business trips, too.

The newest capabilities are in the portable devices. If those features are important to you, get another portable unit.

Another question is who makes the Honda unit? Garmin has excellent route planning, but would the HoOnda be as good?

My portable one works in both cars and can be easily updated and I can talk it for walks as well.

Can you explain more what you mean by “losing all your programming”? I was under the impression that my Acura system is very similar to your Honda system and I’ve never experienced that.

I have both types (Lowrance XOG and Chrysler Pacifica with built-in). The integration with the dash and sound system is great with the built-in. However, the updated nav disk goes for $200, and I hate to think what repairs would cost. The XOG can read nav maps on SD cards, and is water resistant. I bought it so I an use it in my truck and on my boat. And it cost $200 including an SD card with maps for lakes and rivers.

I also like the fact that I can place my Garmin near the door post or rear view mirror and not have to look down, taking my eyes off of the road, to see it. I place it just above "road level so that my view is not obscured. A dash mounted GPS does not offer this ability.

The Accord is usually behind the Acura on things like this. My current system says that if I put in a new DVD (or this is done by the dealer), all the addresses input by me are lost.

If this is no longer true of the newer systems, that is an advance!