Got towed and now can't start up

I’ve had my 97 Chevy K2500 for almost 2 months.

This morning I needed a tow, the ujoint in my rear drive shaft snowballed. I was able to start the truck no problem as I waited for help.
Got towed by a wrecker (the kind where they wench you up so your wheels are all off the ground).
He unloaded the truck at my house.
Now sitting in it calling for parts, I realize:

The truck won’t start, nothing works, no ignition and most peculiar:

There is a noise coming from around the steering column/ with hood open it seems to come from around where cruise control box sits.

The noise sounds like when you wind up a jewelry box but instead of it playing the song it just winds.
If I hit the brake pedal or flip the light switch it stops.
with the light not coming on of course. But it comes back after a few seconds!

Battery still connected.

What the … happened? I’m worse off now than before the tow.

My truck is manual transmission. The wrecker driver did all hat with putting in neutral etc as far as I know. He just asked for key then went about putting it on the platform.
I called insurance that dispatched the wrecker to let them know.

I know what to do about my drive shaft but what do I do about this strange noise and starting issue?

Thank you in advance!

He left the ignition on and now the battery is discharged. Recharge the battery.

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I’ll try that. Thank you!