Got my car looked at

i took my car to a mechanic and they said my intake manifold gaskets are bad and thats why my car is making the screaming sound but my car after they sprayed carb cleaner in the intake it stopped screaming now but runs rough and sounds like crap im not sure if that is really the problem but the exhaust smells like rotten eggs and they said the codes say fourth cylinder misfire what do you think

I believe him. Your problems could be because of a bad intake manifold gasket. The bad smell is from the carb cleaner. It stinks when burned. Since the car is running bad, I’d get the gaskets replaced ASAP. Your only hurting the car by driving it like this. Keep driving it and something more expensive WILL break, like a burnt valve or burnt piston.

GM V6 or V8??

A faulty intake manifold gasket could lead to catastrophic failure of your engine. It could lead to anti-freeze getting into the oil…NOT GOOD.

I don’t know what year your PT is but on mine you have to remove the upper intake manifold to change the plugs and wires , so you will save a lot of labor to do them all at once. I changed the plugs and wires myself and that included removing, cleaning and replacing the neoprene seals between the upper (plastic)intake manifold and the lower (metal) one. I didn’t touch anything at the throttle valve end. It took about an hour and one half.There is no antifreeze running through this manifold.

“GM V6 or V8??”

In a Chrysler PT Cruiser? I have never seen that type of engine swap.

Anyway, I second the advice given by BustedKnuckles.

Yes- all the PT’s are that way. I’m assuming the leak is at the lower manifold to head interface, because the neoprene o-rings joining the two manifold halves are dead reliable and don’t need replaced usually when removing the upper half to get to the plugs & wires. You’re correct that there’s no coolant or oil issues with this manifold either.