Jeep Clutch Question

I drive a 1996 Jeep Cherokee sport with a manual transmission. Its in pretty good shape with 135K miles on it. I have never replaced the clutch, but recently the pedal has been been getting loose and releasing sluggishly. I have it in the shop. They were telling me that if my transmission doesn’t have an inspection plate they may have to take out the transmission to get to the master cylinder or the slave cylinder.

First, does anyone know if there is an inspection plate for the transmission? Second, is it true they would have to take down the transmissions to get to the cylinders?

Thanks ahead of time.

It’s BS. I just checked one of my sources, and the slave cylinder is mounted outside the transmission. The master cylinder is mounted to the firewall, next to the brake master cylinder. There is no need to drop the transmission or remove an inspection plate to replace either. Since these two parts wear together, I’d replace both together to avoid any future problems. If one is going, the other isn’t far behind.